Really, Really Good Finance

Really, Really Good Finance

Really, Really Good Finance

We’re Penny

Penny brings a very human approach to finance. Beyond the numbers. Finance to us, is about people. It’s what we mean when we commit every day to delivering Really, Really Good Finance.

We really know our stuff – through an experienced and diverse team of finance specialists and brokers.

We really care – we want to properly understand you and what you want out of life. Ultimately it’s all about really good finance. Perfect for the investment. And perfect for you.

“Information is king. Pick the phone up, get comfortable. Speak to Morgan, speak to her team. I now have a team around me, every avenue that I’m looking through has all been set up and I couldn’t be happier.”

Julie Mackenzie | Penny Customer

Our Services

We offer experience, expertise and a high level of service across Residential, Commercial, Development and Asset Finance.

Professional Partnerships

The people we work with and recommend are carefully selected. They are our extended team. We want to ensure they bring aligned values and a common focus. In a nutshell they have to be Really, Really Good!

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